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Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the Terms and Conditions for entry into the competition. Terms here...

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Please make sure you copy and paste the questions into your email, provide the answers and also include a high-res image of the completed work.

The Kutz The Kutz The Kutz

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Email Instructions

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before you submit your entry/entries to "The Kutz" Stencil Art Awards! Send each completed email to entry [at] thestencilartawards.com. You need to copy and paste all the text between “+++START+++” and “+++END+++” into your email and fill in your responses. Please note that all points marked with a “**” MUST be answered.

Bear in mind we are based in the UK so if you are applying from further afield please make sure you include all relevant international codes e.g. address and phone number.

One email (plus attached image) is required for EACH submitted work. Please ensure you have already paid for your entry/entries (which can be done as a single payment) before you email your entry form(s).

The attached image must be a photograph of a completed work and must be appropriately cropped for viewing and provided as a jpeg at least 1Mb in size up to a maximum size of 4 Mb.

Try this link to create an email with all the questions already pasted in (it doesn't work on all email clients):
entry [at] thestencilartawards.com

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Copy and paste the following into your email...


I declare that I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions (Yes)**:
I declare the attached image is a photograph of the finished work (Yes)**:
I declare I have paid for my entries (Yes)**:

How much did you pay in total?**:
Name used on PayPal payment**:

How did you find out about “The Kutz” awards? **:

First Name**:
Email Address**:
Contact phone number**:
Full address**:
Post code/ZIP**:
Country (if not UK):
Age if under 18**:
Brief artist biography**:

WORK INFORMATION: (please be specific so the judges can assess your work properly)
Width (in cms)**:
Height (in cms)**:
Painted on**:
  board (MDF, plank, ply etc)
  other (please explain)
Stencil created using ('yes' to all relevant)**:
  acrylic paint
  pencil, ink, crayon, marker etc
  Posca pen
  spray paint
  other (please explain)
Stencil layers created by ('yes' to all relevant)**:
  digital print
  screen print
  other (please explain)
Stencil layers cut by ('yes' to all relevant)**:
  other (please explain)
Origin of image ('yes' to all relevant)**:
  hand drawn by you
  hand drawn by somebody else and you have permission to use it
  photograph taken by you
  photograph taken by somebody else and you have permission to use it
  image from the internet in the public domain
  image from the internet and you have permission to use it
  other (please explain)
Anything else you would like to say about the work:


Don't forget to attach an image of your entry to each email!!